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Welcome to my, Jeremy Simons, web page. Here you will learn all you want or need to know about Cri Du Chat. My sister was born with this disease, so I have dedicated my life to informing the world about this rare disease. At this sight you can learn about the symptomes, and treatments. You can also read stories that will comfort you and teach you how to cope with your own situation. Links to other informative web sites can also be found here. Lastly, as you can see current research is being done to find treatments an cures for this disease. I would really appreaciate any donations that you would like to make to help this cause.

Cri Du Chat is a dominant autosomal trait. It arises from the absence of a particular portion of chromosome 5. The absence of genetic material is called a deletion. Children born with this deletion in chromosome 5 have a characteristic mewing cry as newborns that is thought to be caused by abnormal development of the larynx (the organ containing the vocal chords). For this reason, the disorder is called cri du chat (or cat's cry) syndrome. In reference to the deletion and the area where it occurs, the disorder is also called 5p- (5 p minus) syndrome. Children with this syndrome have physical abnormalities, language and motor skill difficulties, and varying degrees of mental retardation. Cri du chat syndrome is a very rare disorder.

The original genetic material is arranged into 23 pairs of chromosomes--one set of 23 chromosomes is inherited from each parent. Using a microscope, distinct chromosomes can be seen at a certain point in a cell's life cycle. When treated with certain stains, each chromosome bears a typical banding pattern, reminiscent of the stripes on a tabby cat's tail. Using each chromosomes' unique size and banding pattern, chromosomes 1-22 and the sex chromosomes, X and Y, can be identified exactly.

Although all individuals have two copies of chromosome 5, the normal chromosome does not compensate for the genetic material missing from the flawed chromosome. The deletion can be inherited through generations of a family or it may appear at random. It has been estimated that the syndrome occurs in 1 in 50,000 births. According to the 5p- Society, approximately 50-60 children are born with cri du chat syndrome each year in the United States.

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My loving sister sarah, who has Cri Du Chat, but has been blessed with so many other great qualities.