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Ongoing Current Research


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Ongoing Current Research
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All one needs to know about Cri Du Chat

Yes, reasearch is being made and hopefully a cure will be found.

Ongoing Current Research

Isolation of cDNAs from the Cri-du-chat critical region by direct screening of a chromosome 5 specific cDNA library; Simmons, AD, Overhauser J, Lovett M-1997
Evidence for a distinct region causing a cat-like cry in patients with 5p deletions; Gersh M, Goodart SA, Pasztor LM, Harris DJ, Weiss L, Overhauser J-1995 -This abstract gives an overview on how some patients are reported as having the cat-like cry, but develop normally or only slightly abnormally.
Molecular and phenotypic mapping of the short arm of chromosome 5: sublocalization of the critical region for the cri-du-chat syndrome; Overhauser J, Haung X, Gersh M, Wilson W, McMahon J, Bengtsson U, Rojas K, Meyer M, Wasmuth JJ-1994 -This abstract explains how it is believed that different symptoms of CDC syndrome are caused by abnormalities on different regions of chromosome 5.